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References and archives

"Quod non est in actis,
non est in mundo"
Cicero, Epistulae ad familiares

By conducting research of heirs, familiy history or single items of heritage the following resources and archives are subject of information, due to the precedent targets of research.

Registry offices

In Germany, books of civilian status (marital, death or familiy status) are conducted since the invention of civilian status registries in 1876 (“National act of the civilian and marital status”) by the regional registry offices.

Clerical archives

Time before 1876: The registries of the churches enlist all clerical zeremonies of a local church, e.g. mariages, funerals or baptism.

National, district and domicile archives

Registration books record the documentation of national, district and domicile archives. Subject of records are newspapers, address and telephone books as well as ancient lists of the offices of registration. Additionally civil lists, census of population files, tax files or company files will be consulted, if deemed necessary.

Archives of museums and auction houses

Inventory and catalogues of museums and auction houses.

Insurance companies

Registry files of insurance companies and pension insurance funds.

Services of the churches

Tracing services of the churches.

Archives of emigration and immigration

Shipping passenger lists of the main shipping lines. Archives and data banks of the big emigration harbours Rotterdam, Hamburg and Bremen/Bremerhaven.

Miscellaneous archives

Death status records of the registry office of the city of Arolsen (registry of prisoners of former concentration camps. The Bremen chamber of commerce.