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Heir research, genealogical investigation, emigration and provenance research

Heir research is a difficult and time consuming work for the probate courts. Often it is investigative work in out-of-town archives or even archives situated in foreign countries, which exceeds the limited capacities of probate courts and the local administration. Similarly it is a nerve-racking task for a private person to collect all the necessary documents to apply for a certificate of inheritance by checking address and telephone books or regional and national archives. In case of failure many successions are passed to the public treasury.

Heir research is a valuable work offering support by experienced historians and genealogists, who are using their knowledge by investigating archives and all potent information sources in order to fill a gap in the family tree. Accordingly, successful familiy research outcrops a bunch of interesting information about familiy or even migration history.

Heir and familiy research is offering detailed insights into the migration paths of single familiy members ore whole families. Passenger lists of the big european emigration harbours, national archives or archives of museums are valuable resources for the skilled heir researcher. Due to my longstanding experience in the branches of heir and family research I offer you my assistance in your efforts tracing your personal roots and compiling evidence for the application for a certificate of inheritance.