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Research of legal heirs

I do my research work on my own financial risk. My fees are taken from the shares of the inheritance, meaning it will be subject of negotiation with the entiteld heirs, but only due in case of a successful receipt of the inheritance.

The appropriate fee is 20 % - 25 % of the financial amount, received by the heirs after deduction of taxes. All previous expenses are included in the final fee.

Family history research, emigration research and provenance research

Please take notice of my following terms and conditions:

In a first customer contact you provide me with a description of your research request and we arrange a single or multiple targets of research. Based on this agreement I supply you with a project schedule, containing the detailed steps and the expected time exposure of my work. The following costs will be included in the project schedule:

  • The fee is between 35.- and 60.- EUR per capita on an hourly basis.
  • Extra fees are incurring for the purchase of material, documents or deeds or the expenses for the use of archives or registry resources.
  • Further expenses, e.g for travel and accomodation, connected with necessary non-local or foreign research are to be paid extra, but are subject to the previous agreement of the client. These costs can be reduced by an engagement of local researchers.
  • On basis of the above mentioned cost schedule a contract will be concluded.
  • Familiy history research and provenance research are time-consuming projects, which demand an advance payment on a 50 % basis.
  • My customer policy includes a regular interim and progress report on previously fixed points of times, informing the client of the advance of the project and a prediction of a point of time for the achievement of the targets. The receipt of the progress report gives the client the opportunity to diminish, to limt or expand the extent of research.
  • In case of an alteration of the research order, probable extra fees and expanses have to be agreed. After termination of the project a final report will be delivered to the client. The final payment will be due after receipt of the final invoice within 20 days.